Corsi di grafica e design a Roma

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Art, Environment, Heritage

  • START 13 July 2015

Would you like to live an enriching experience of free creativeness in strict contact with nature, history and contemporary art, discussing and working among many artists, philosophers, designers and scientists, absorbed in the genius loci of Etruscan landscape north of Rome?

An intriguing dimension rests in the midst of landscape, history, archaeology and modern fluxus of artistic expression. In Summer 2015 you can join us for two weeks for a stimulating and creative experience.

“ART – ENVIRONMENT – HERITAGE: Italy the new etrurian landscape is a non conventional course, rather it’s a meeting of talents and a workshop of free minded artists, designers and scholars.

And why etrurian land? In addition to QDU excellent art and design department, the site is a great place for a summer experience. We’re right in the heart of the etrurian country full of cultural heritage above and below ground, the coast and all Italy’s major attractions within easy reach.

We provide to participants a real experience of living and experiencing in Italy, in a lively region rich in witness to history, famous for its ancient centres, caves and countryside.

In particular the workshop is focused on the realization of art installations close to the archaelogical sites of Cerveteri and Tarquinia. The aim is to demostrate the winning role of contemporary art in adding value to landscape and heritage.

Participants will meet and work in Viterbo, the medieval town north of Rome rich of historical heritage in the middle of etrurian country, in workshops made available by University of Tuscia.


QDU one scholarship for every 10 participants is provided for this course. The amount is one half of the participation fee. The scholarship will be assigned to the author of best final work.


Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate to say you have attended and achieved a level of attainment expected by our academic staff. If you wish to receive credit, you will need to arrange this with your faculty at home before you attend. QDU can supply module specifications to assist in calculating a credit equivalency. As a guide the summer programme is equivalent to 4 ECTS per week.

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