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Autodesk AutoCAD 3D

Advanced course for greater knowledge of CAD, to achieve a complete mastery of the techniques of three-dimensional representation utilised in planning.

Autodesk AutoCad

QDU has been an Autodesk ATC since 2000: one of the first in Italy. Autodesk is the world leader in the provision of 3D software for the design, visualization and simulation of ideas on digital supports. Its long history and widespread diffusion in the professional world ensure that the Autodesk Suite is a point of reference for anyone working in the design sector. For this reason the teaching of Autodesk software, constantly updated, in addition to being the subject of single-theme courses, is an integral part of the training in design courses.

AutoCAD offers itself to all professionals working in the field of design, on any scale and in any field, as a fundamental aid to a correct approach to the project and is proposed as an everyday working tool capable of ensuring a complete and immediate control of the different aspects of 2D and 3D graphic representation. Born over twenty-five years ago and continuously updated and innovated, AutoCAD has become a point of reference for anyone working in the field. This software allows the easy management of projects from concept to execution, and can substantially reduce working time thanks to its instruments of automation, management and modification that reduce repetitive tasks to a minimum. There are also courses in AutoCAD on the Apple platform.

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