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Yacht Design

  • START 22 March 2018

The Master in Yacht Design, which has been running since 1997 and is continuously updated, follows – and sometimes anticipates – the evolution of the nautical industry, the market, and its related design techniques.
The focus is on the real market needs of the next ten years, through the study of hulls and alternative propulsion systems and contents and technological instruments that are really effective with respect to industrial objectives. The Master is designed as a laboratory supported by theoretical and documentary training and it enables its students to manage complex three-dimensional modelling with specific training on dedicated software.

Set out to sea using sail or engine,
the interaction of the sun, wind, water and gravity
tamed by ingeniousness, experience and intuition.
 Design starting from the laws of hydrodynamics:
conceive the hull, equipment, interiors,
propulsion, adapt and reconvert existing hulls,
create prototypes that anticipate new requirements.
Learn and master the laws of physics, technologies and materials.
 Anticipate the typological evolution of the boat,
discover new areas of innovation for the needs of the market
and the production facilities.

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