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Landscape & Garden Design

  • START 13 November 2017
The course which has been running since 1990 and is continuously updated, is a rapid and efficacious training course for the conception, design and creation of green spaces, both public and private. The study and the putting into practice of the knowledge gained in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, thanks to the work of illustrious landscapers in Europe and overseas, the in-depth study that came with the contribution of the 20th-century avant-gardes, the analysis of the influences on the contemporary garden of the recent development of a new and growing environmental awareness, the evolution of techniques and technologies, ways of using mineral, vegetable and artificial materials, the change in the preparation of the green: these are the themes of investigation and intervention of the garden designer.
Open spaces: from the terrace to the garden and parks
to the interstitial areas between the built,
whether for public use or as an extension of the home.
 Places of harmonic coexistence between natural,
artificial and vegetable materials, of reconciliation between man and nature,
of mitigation of the human impact and environmental regeneration:
this is the context in which the Garden Designer operates.
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