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Virtual Architecture

  • START 22 March 2018

The Master in Virtual Architecture, which has been running since 1999 and is constantly updated according to the methods and software that best respond to the needs of visualization and verification, prepares operators in the architectural field (architects, designers, engineers, surveyors and related professionals) to visualize projects in 3D graphics, elaborating the most appropriate method of implementation for each type of project and using CAD 2D and 3D programs and post-production and animation techniques.
The final product is particularly sophisticated and, depending on the intention, achieves total photorealism.

Space and materials unfold and embody the architectural idea. 
Light becomes the essential synthesis, materials are
adapted and exchanged, the virtual becomes a powerful tool
for pure experimentation.
The designer imagines and verifies, analyzes and explores,
identifies with and measures the validity of their ideas,
foreseeing their realization.
The outcome shapes the most advanced way
of static and dynamic communication of the project using
the most up-to-date computer graphics technologies.

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