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Metropolitan Gardening

The course is aimed at nature lovers, who wish to build their own corner of earthly paradise where to grow and take care of vegetables, perennial grasses and flower shrubs even in the city. The course will give a lot of satisfaction to those who want to learn the secrets and tricks of the trade to become a real “metropolitan gardener”.

Starting from the easiest operations it will be taught how to chose and grow the best plant for our needs. The course will deal with general principles – such as growth basis, topsoil, fertilizer, drainage, protection of cultivations from unfavorable weather conditions – and will be put into practice the best techniques for the production of vegetables in our balconies, terraces, attics, gardens.

So it will deal with horticulture, but also with ornamental plants, of their cure and reproduction, and with Mediterranean gardens, those gardens that don’t need irrigation and use plants full of extraordinary perfume, colors and shapes.

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